The Golden Hour – Get Back Supply Co


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Sunsets have been a love of ours for quite some time.  There is just something so amazing about watching the sky change hues, the way people look during that golden hour, and the fact that it happens every single day.  Here in Southern California we are spoiled.  We have some of the most breath taking spots to watch the sunset, or rise for that matter.  We used to plan our day around where we wanted to watch the sunset, with whom, and with what drink.  Nothing beats grabbing a bottle of wine and hiking around some cliffs to watch the sunset over the ocean; The sound of the waves crashing, the animals that grace us with their presence, and the sand between our toes.  Doing so also gives you a sense of being grounded.  We all like howl once the sunsets, letting our animalistic attributes run wild.  Of course everyone stares but that doesn’t stop us.  Grab your St. Christopher necklace and go chase a sunset.  St. Christopher was the protector of travel for a reason.  Pay your tribute!



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