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Here at GBSC we’re all about our beachwear but that’s not to say we don’t care about fashion. As it is now officially ‘Fall’ let’s look at ways to maintain that summer glow and pretend summer will never leave us (at this rate it really never will.) Let’s begin with our sun-kissed hair. Sun Bum has recently come out with a line of hair products for all us literal ‘Sun Bums.’ Just like our skin, UV rays affect our hair follicles. This is what gives us those bright blonde highlights that we love oh-so-much but we also need to take care of our hair unless we want it falling out or completely dead.   Sun Bum’s Sea Spray protects your hair from UV rays while giving it extra body & those beach-y waves we all love. It also blocks out humidity aka no frizz. Uh, yes please. And it also smells amazing!   What’s not to love here? Finish it off with some of Sun Bum’s 3-In-1 leave in formula and you are set my friend.

Photos via @trustthebum


Now that we have our hair did, what to wear? Billabong Women’s has been a go-to of ours for a while now. At any given time you can go through their section and find some amazing steals, like this scoop-back romper, or these overalls, or this fab paisley print maxi dress. ,,  

You can dress any of these items up to hit the town or throw over a bikini to head to the beach. The key in buying clothes is to buying items that are versatile. A wise woman once told us ‘Never wear the same outfit twice. Change some aspect of it, whether that be the shoes or what bottoms you wear. Get creative and have fun with it!’   Now we want to talk about some brands that are on the rise: Amuse Society, Beach Riot, and Rhythm Girls. Let’s start with Amuse Society. Amuse Society is shy of being 1-year-old but their garments are amazing. We love how they have a great mix of simple and statement pieces allowing you to create on the spot outfits head to toe. Many of their pieces are hand-embellished which we love, like this fringe sweater with hand-embellished coins.


They also had these amazing sequin joggers that we would have died for, if they didn’t sell out of our size.

Beach Riot!!


We are pretty in-love with every single one of their pieces and most definitely think they should have won swimwear line of the year. Recently they have come out with a few clothing pieces and we cannot wait to see more. Here are a few of our favorites:

And they have some of the most adorable swimwear. Here are a couple from their Summer 15 line:

Lastly but not least we have Rhythm Girls. Were a little obsessed with Australia as a continent so it’s no shock to us that that is where Rhythm originated. Welcome to the states, we love you! We love their simplicity and laid back style like this all over print t-shirt dress:


They also have some amazing Chambray looks like this set (might we add the model is one of our favorite BABES, check her out @michellekreel)


Photos via @jacksgirls, @beachriot, @amusesociety, @rhythmgirls


We gave you our inside look on fashion in the surf industry now get out there and do some shopping!!



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