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Posted on by Nick Gousha

Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys


Keep your eye out for a new band on the rise: Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys.  They just came out with their debut EP ‘Rhythms & Melodies’ and have us singing along.  Our personal favorite is ‘Sunshine & Kool-Aid.’  Check out our recent Q & A with them:


GBSC: How long have you guys been playing together?

JT&TCB: Josh Taylor and Ben Glasser met at college through their fraternity three years ago. They started playing music together and brought on Trevor (drums) and Sonny (bass) soon after.


GBSC: What inspired you to become Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys?

JT&TCB: The smooth sounds of Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Cat Stevens, Bob Marley, etc. as well as the Southern California lifestyle. 


GBSC: Do you both write music?

JT&TCB: Josh writes most of the lyrics for the band but all of the Cozy Boys contribute in their own way to the songwriting process. 


GBSC: What's each of your favorite song off your new EP 'Rhythms & Melodies?’

JT&TCB: We all enjoy each song for different reasons. They all have a unique sound that contributes to the overall project that we feel showcases our versatility and vibe that we are promoting


GBSC: How long have you guys been working on this EP?

JT&TCB: Over the past year and a half we have been honing in our ‘sound’, solidifying the current members, and recording our debut EP Rhythms and Melodies.


GBSC: Who are the Cozy Boys? 

JT&TCB:  Great question! Front man vocalist, Josh Taylor hails from the midwest but moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. There he met Jazz guitarist Ben Glasser as well as drummer savant Trevor Bietz and Funk Master Sonny Kennelly who plays bass. (From joshtaylortunes.com) On any given day, you might find the cozy boys making sand castles at the beach or crashing your community pool party. Often, however, they're nowhere to be seen, meaning they likely have yet to get out of bed that morning/afternoon/evening.  If their music were an animal, it would be some cross breed between sea otters, golden lab puppies and koalas (the nice ones, not the grumpy kind).  Good feels are the key to the music, and we challenge you to find something more authentically cozy. 


GBSC: Drink of choice?

JT&TCB: Per our final track of the EP: Red Kool-Aid is preferred in any and all situations


GBSC: Travel destination of choice?

JT&TCB: We would love to play a show in Narnia but we are having trouble finding a booking agent for that region of the world/universe.

Listen to 'Rhythms & Melodies' here:

If the embedded code doesn't work on your website here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/joshtaylortunes/sets/josh-taylor-the-cozy-boys-rhythms-melodies



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