Our Story – Get Back Supply Co



Hi everyone! My name is Nick Gousha and I own and operate Get Back with my mom, Brenda Gousha. We don’t show our faces very often but we’re behind just about every single thing that happens here at Get Back. If you’ve called in the past 4 years you’ve talked to one of us. Keep the calls coming, we love to hear from you!


I want to share a little bit about our brand, the St. Christopher necklaces, our history, and where things are headed!

It was the summer of 1997 and I had just turned seven. We were at a family party in Southern California and my Mom, Brenda Gousha, and Aunt, Deb Weir, started talking about St. Christopher medals, the kind with enamel coloring and the surfer embossed back. Aunt Deb joked to my cousin that he should give his crush from school a St. Christopher necklace. That moment, Mom and Deb looked at each other and said “What ever happened to those things?” They were excited about the idea to say the least. They remembered how much the necklaces meant to them, that era of the surf culture and young kids looking for protection on their next travel adventure. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone brought St. Christopher back?

Deb and Scott Gousha, Brenda’s husband, started discussing the idea more seriously, and before long they had about 6 different color St. Christopher Medallions. My Dad was hand-shaping wooden surfboard displays out of our garage for the first retail shops, Hansens Surfboards and Encinitas Surfboards right here in San Diego. The necklaces started flying out the door! I will never forget learning how to sand the displays, tagging along on road trips to service retailers, and when Dad encouraged me to ask the surf shop employees for a shop sticker while I could barely see over the counter top.

Deb decided early on that she couldn’t stay with Get Back with four children and a successful real estate business. The next fifteen years for Get Back were full of ups and downs—but mostly ups! By 2012, the company was represented by nearly 500 retailers, exploring the new world of internet shopping, and Dad was putting his heart and soul into keeping his customers happy.

In 2013, my Dad passed away and left my family and surf shops all over the country heart broken. He had put so many years and so much of himself into building Get Back—there was no doubt that my Mom and I would take over. Dad taught me how to do everything at Get Back over the years; building displays, assembling product, servicing retailers, customer support. At the time it was always just a summer job but it’s almost like he was secretly preparing me to take over one day. We take tremendous pride and responsibility for being the brand behind the Original St. Christopher Surf Medals.


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